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Animated ekg rhythm strip

How Electrocardiograms Work - EKG Strips

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Inferior leads Leads II, III and aVF Look at electrical activity from the vantage point of the inferior surface diaphragmatic surface of heart Lateral leads I, Animated ekg rhythm strip, aVL, V5 and V6 Look at the electrical activity from the vantage point of the lateral wall of left ventricle Septal leads V1 and V2 Look at electrical activity from the vantage point of the septal surface of the heart interventricular septum Anterior leads V3 and V4 Look at electrical activity Animated ekg rhythm strip the vantage point of the anterior wall of the right and left ventricles Sternocostal surface of heart In addition, any two precordial leads next to one another are considered to be contiguous.

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Each of these training methods is summarized below.

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These exercises are designed to enhance your knowledge of the material covered to that point.

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EKG Practice Strips

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